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Here are all the solutions for puzzle and the rules for games.

solutions for 2D puzzle in Samanea woodsolutions for all 3D wood puzzle from Samanea packing problems from Monkey Pod wood here are the solutions

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solutions for all our Samanea wooden string puzzleplay rules for dice games from Monkey Podinstructions and rules for strategy game from Samanea wood

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We know that it is not always possible to find the solution to solve the puzzle alone. Here is the help. In the category Solutions and Laws, for all our puzzles and games, made by Samanea Holz from, you will find the solution for your wooden puzzles or the game guide you are missing. Whenever you think you have now found the right one, it still comes before the last part or the last 2 pieces do not want to fit into the game and so is nothing with the solution of the puzzle or the game. This makes some people crazy and therefore here the solutions to our wooden puzzles from Monkey Pod wood and playing rules to all the games we found so, in the world. We hope that you try to solve a puzzle yourself with fun. But if you could not solve it yourself here finally, to find the right way, our resolutions, in the assumption that you are creative to be it then again alone. Wooden games and puzzles from our Samanea wood, which is also called Rain Tree or Monkey Pod, are really nice to play. All our wooden puzzles and games are environmentally friendly without touching any chemicals and nice touch. All products from our production are made of pure wood and are processed in natural condition and are treated with polish. So, even if you could not solve a puzzle yourself, you have a good time with natural products, made of wood, which sometimes also create headaches. You can find all instructional pages with the respective puzzle resolutions in the respective instructions for the solution, again print.

Solutions, instructions for puzzles and games from Samanea wood

Have fun and we hope that our gameplay and solution is useful for the puzzle, which you have just not solved. We spend a lot of time to make everything clear so you can understand how the puzzle works. In new instructions, photos, videos and graphics, we will show you even better and more precisely how to solve the puzzle. If something is wrong, please use the community and ask for help or contact us with a mail. Thank you for sharing and sharing our information, products and resolutions from our website.

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